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Here's a chance for you to solve other people's problems:

This week we're going to have a trial 'plea for help'
from my friend, Christa. Send your advice to me, via e-mail
with subject header: 'Christa' and your words of wisdom
MIGHT well get published.

Age 24
August 25, 2000

Dear Ms. Liss,

Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that.
I'm supposed to be marrying the man of my dreams, Joe,
but lately, all I feel is this huge growing resentment
towards Joe and his attachment to his 'buddy'. So much so, that it's cast a shadow over the upcoming wedding.
In case you're wondering, his 'buddy' is a gorgeous
22 year old named Maria, who he's supposedly known forever.
She's always calling right when we're about to go out
the door. She's always coming out with us. But the worst
part is, he seems able to talk to her about things he
can't talk about with me.
I admit it. I'm jealous. I wish she'd go play in
the freeway, or buy a one-way ticket to Brazil. Is it controlling for me to want her gone? I don't want to share
my husband-to-be with this girl. What should I do?

-Bitchy Bride

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