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Ask Alissa
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Find your answers today.

Life, Love, Relationships.
They are all tricky propositions,
rife with difficult maneuvers.

Are you having trouble..?
(aren't we all?)

Do you want to get it off your chest?
Do you want to find out for real and for certain what's up?
Do you just want a second opinion?

Clipart of a computer; Actual size=146 pixels wide

There's an answer or two around the corner. You'll see an 'Advice' page, and a 'Say So' page. You'll find a 'Beautiful Things' page where you can buy really cool shoes to make you feel better when the Advice and the Say-So page don't do it for you.

Thank God for cool shoes.

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I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist.
If you e-mail me a concern that I do not
feel equipped to handle, I might refer you
on to a counselor or a crisis hotline.
There are some links to crisis sites on
the resource page.

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"The world is composed of takers and givers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better." -Byron Frederick